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The goal of The Village Death Doula is to support clients using a variety of services during their end-of-life journey.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning communicates an individuals wishes, values and beliefs about care to help the 'substitute decision maker(s)' (SDM) make health and personal care decisions if the individual becomes mentally incapable. Any adult needs to understand who would be their SDM if they are not able to provide their own consents. The Village Death Doula will be pleased to assist individuals in the Advance Care Plan.



Advocacy is a fundamental part of end-of-life care. The assistance and sensitive care provided during this period has a direct impact on the quality of a persons final moments. The Village Death Doula want clients to experience the professionalism and comfort of end-of-life care.


Care & Companionship

The Village Death Doula is proud to provide quality and compassionate care including company, relief, physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual needs, as well as practical tasks. Frequently utilized by most of my clients, this service has been essential to the dying individual and family's end-of-life journey. I pride myself on exceptional customer service. Let me know how I can assist you today.


Errands & Appointments

You can trust me to provide top quality care and quality customer service when it comes to the endless list of possible errands and appointments during this difficult journey. I want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with The Village Death Doula.


Grief Work

Grief is a natural reaction to loss; The Village Death Doula will work with clients towards understanding and dealing with stages of grief, identifying mourning and bereavement, and exploring helpful strategies and resources for support. Holding space for the pain of grief is essential with loss including death, loss of relationships, loss of a job or career, and loss of experiences. Let me know how The Village Death Doula can best assist you today.


Home Management

Home Management may include services such as property management, the overseeing of necessary household activities, and pet care. This is one of my most popular services available. These services have made significant differences for many of our clients, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With this service, I will ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with The Village Death Doula, you can trust that you’re in great hands.


Legacy Work

A legacy is the offering or creation of something by the dying individual for the people loved and cared about, such as an heirloom, gift, bestowal or other meaningful offering. The Village Death Doula will support individuals in to meaningful legacy work to promote connection and sharing of precious moments with loved ones.


Live Wakes & Events

The Village Death Doula will assist in the planning, coordinating, and managing of our clients' meaningful events including live wakes, rituals and ceremonies, funerals, and celebrations of life as well as memorials.


Pet Care

Pet care is a popular and simple, yet very important service to my clients. The Village Death Doula is pleased to transport animals, to and from appointments, provide in-home care, or on-leash dog walks.



The Village Death Doula is a passionate amateur photographer; I offer photography of end-of-life gatherings and precious moments.
Portrait photos on this site credit Anna Epp Photography
All other photos were taken by Tanis Lorene and are subject to Copyright regulation.


Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Grieving and coping with pregnancy loss and infant loss starts with acknowledging a broken heart(s), whether it be miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or the death of a newborn baby. The Village Death Doula will help with you and your family's comfort and emotional support needs. This grief will be felt physically as well as emotionally.


Rituals & Ceremonies

This is one of our most popular services available. A ritual is an intentional action to create meaningful acknowledgment, creating connection. Rituals can mark the past as well as the future. Ceremonies are a collection of rituals to express feelings and to celebrate people and life. The Village Death Doula is pleased to assist in the creation of your unique and personal rituals and ceremonies.


Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic practices are slow, mindful movements mainly done lying down comfortably on the floor. The primary focus is on finding ease and quality movement and the form of the movement is secondary. This work teaches us to recognize and release holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, and habituated posture. Some of the benefits of somatic movement include relieving physical distress, improving a person's sense of resiliency, improving emotional regulation, and reducing anxiety. Highly recommended!



To vigil is to quiety wait with or near the dying person and the period is typically the last two or three days of life. The Village Death Doula will offer vigil services including creating the environment and coaching attendees of the vigil. The setting is a peaceful one. Let us know how we can assist you today.

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